About - Keith McDermott Photography

Keith is a Bronx based photographer.  He photographs a wide range of subject including urban landscapes, architecture and designs, natural landscape and wildlife, musicians etc.

He organizes and runs the concert series Bronx Backyard Sundays, and is also a musician, playing with the Los Hot Quesos and as a solo act Art Carney's Hat.

Current Shows…

Upcoming Shows...

Past Shows

An Beal Bocht Cafe - Priapistic Coffee Cup

Into the Desert- the Coupe, Washington DC

Manhattan College - Miguel Building 4th Floor

An Beal Bocht Cafe - Holiday Artist Showcase - December, 2018

An Beal Bocht Cafe - Artist of the Month - November, 2017

KRVC: Art at the Amalgamated - Vladek Hall - Sunday, November 19th, 2017 1-6pm




Kuzanne McStein Extravaganza: Mixed Media Collaboration between Keith McDermott & Suzanne Hockstein.  Suzanne recreated 10 of Keith's photographs, and each we displayed side-by-side.